Winter Pokémon Antics

Pokemon GO January 2018

Despite the cold & rain and an unusually busy January for us, work wise, we’re pleased to report that we’ve still been able to find plenty of time and brave the weather to continue our beloved pokémon hunting. It also happens to have been a particularly fruitful few weeks too…

As usual, we’ve been attending raids for the legendary pokémon Groudon and Kyogre and have managed to capture 98% and 96% IVs respectively. We also collected enough Wailmer candy (400!) to evolve our first Wailord, which has been proudly placed on top of gyms all across Swindon. We have two new perfect (100% IV) pokémon to add to team perfection; a Dratini caught outside New College (which has now been fully evolved into a maxed out Dragonite) and a Corphish which was hatched from an egg we picked up in December.

We’ve also acquired 4 new gold gym badges, completed our 100th raid, captured a shiny Mawile and Magikarp, defeated the new raid boss Aggron, evolved our Feebas into Milotic, found a Chansey in bed with us, and a Weedle in a toilet! We’ve even found time to squeeze in the odd game of Pokémon Monopoly… phew!

But perhaps most importantly of all, we finally had the opportunity to battle and capture the legendary Mewtwo in an exclusive raid with 18 other trainers, in the pouring rain, at the Link Centre in West Swindon.

Here’s a selection of the best screenshots we’ve collected so far this year…

Pokemon GO January 2018

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