Plantlife’s 2018 Road Verge Campaign

Plantlife's Road Verge Campaign 2016

For the past 7 years, Plantlife have been campaigning for local councils to adopt their guidelines for better management of road verges in an effort to help protect and preserve the wild flowers and wildlife that flourish alongside thousands of miles of roads all over the UK.

They recently re-launched their campaign for 2018, and in the past 2 months, nearly 9,000 more have joined their campaign with total signatures on their petition for better management of our road verges reaching well over 30,000.

This is really starting to make a difference, as Plantlife explains:

“The good news is, this is all starting to make a difference and we are together changing hearts and minds.

In Gloucester there is now cross-party support for improving biodiversity on road verges and Dorset County Council has reported that orchids and other rarer flowers are now more abundant on their verges.  Plantlife’s work with Highways England has resulted in them allocating money for improvement along 75 miles of road verge with work starting this year.

It’s really encouraging to know that road verge campaigners have spotted some beautiful flowers along our roads, including bee orchids on an urban roundabout and on rural verges.”

To support the campaign yourself, please sign the petition on Plantlife’s website. You can also donate to the campaign via their online shop.

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