Naughty Elves Spotted in the Lumous Office!

Elf on the Shelf

In the countdown to Christmas, our Lumous office has had a little visitor. A cheeky elf has been up to mischief, disrupting the peaceful working environment and leading the Pokémon astray! Our members of staff have been somewhat distracted by the cheeky elf’s pranks, whilst making sure they are on their best behaviour, to ensure a good report to Santa.

Julian our MD, opened up the office last Friday to start a busy day of work. He was somewhat delayed in starting…

Elf on the Shelf


The other day, Annie, our office administrator, found her seat was occupied…

Elf on the Shelf


Today, the Lumous team didn’t know whether to disapprove or join the party…

Elf on the Shelf


Despite the chaos, we are all still managing to stay productive and focused during the build-up to Christmas … most of the time!

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