Join the Campaign for a Fur Free Britain

More than 100 million animals die for their fur each year, the majority suffering in small battery cages. The UK banned fur farming as ‘unethical’ in 2000, recognising that keeping wild animals in tiny cages can never be humane. But the UK is now outsourcing fur cruelty overseas, causing suffering to millions of animals. More than two-thirds of the British public reject this double-standard and support a fur import and sales ban.

We’ve been working with Humane Society International (HSI) over the past few months to create a range of materials for the Fur Free Britain campaign including banners, campaign reports and a microsite. HSI is one of the only global animal protection organisations working to help all animals—including animals in laboratories, animals on farms, companion animals and wildlife—and their record of achievement demonstrates their dedication and effectiveness. We’re very proud to work with them!

If you would like to get involved in helping to make the fur trade a thing of the past, please visit #FurFreeBritain

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