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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

First thing’s first – a very Happy New Year to all our lovely clients and a massive thank you to you all for your continued support and business throughout 2017. This was an exceptionally busy and exciting year for Lumous, but we were lucky enough to enjoy some downtime over the Christmas break… We spent… Read more »

Autumn Ramblings

Autumn Ramblings

The past month or so has been a real mix of super busy at work and super busy in the evenings, yomping through the Wiltshire countryside in search of badger traps and nasty people trying to do badgers harm. We’re glad to say that we’ve found lots of active badger setts, and we’ve done our… Read more »

Chester Heritage Pokémon GO Festival

Chester Heritage Pokemon GO Festival

Hot off the heels of our holiday in Tenerife, the blister-inducing exploration and pokémon hunting didn’t stop there. Last weekend, we travelled up north to the beautiful city of Chester for the Big Heritage Pokémon GO festival… As well as a great opportunity to meet lots of friendly like-minded players and catch hundreds of pokémon, the… Read more »

Trekking through Tenerife


Hola! Julian (senior developer at Lumous) here, and as a refreshing change to most of my geeky/techie posts that typically fill our blog, I’ve just returned from a fantastic 2 week holiday in Tenerife and thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to it with a few holiday snaps. If you follow our Instagram… Read more »

Summer wanderings

After working on Plantlife’s Great British Wildflower Hunt, various projects for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, and getting ready for an exciting upcoming project for Butterfly Conservation, we’ve been inspired to get out a-staggering-and-wandering in the British Countryside ourselves. So… with camera in hand and the warmth of the day still smouldering well into the evening, Steve… Read more »

Plantlife’s Great British Wildflower Hunt

Plantlife's Great British Wildflower Hunt

Last week, we launched one of our favourite projects to date, The Great British Wildflower Hunt from Plantlife – an interactive guide aimed at families and young people to help them learn more about the fantastic wildflowers you can find around your own town and the nearby countryside. In just eight weeks from start to… Read more »

New Business Startup Case Study: New Wildlife Tours

New Business Startup - New Wildlife Tours

Here at Lumous there’s nothing as satisfying as being involved with an organisation from the point when the very first seeds are sown. Working with Michael New from New Wildlife Tours not only allowed us to do this, but we also got the chance to work with a thoroughly nice bloke with an absolute passion… Read more »

Up on The Downs

Up on The Downs in Wiltshire

We’ve been all clever, clever and techie with our blogs until now because they’ve been written by Julian, our highly intelligent and wizardry wizard developer. For that traditionally slow bit of the year in late August, we thought it was fitting that we give the blog to someone who thinks and behaves in much simpler… Read more »