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Join the Campaign for a Fur Free Britain

Fur Free Britain

More than 100 million animals die for their fur each year, the majority suffering in small battery cages. The UK banned fur farming as ‘unethical’ in 2000, recognising that keeping wild animals in tiny cages can never be humane. But the UK is now outsourcing fur cruelty overseas, causing suffering to millions of animals. More… Read more »

Take the Plastics Pledge!

It’s estimated that every minute, a truck load of plastic ends up in our beautiful oceans – that’s a total of 12.7 million tonnes every year! Big pieces of plastic are choking beautiful wildlife, and small pieces are being mistaken for food, entering the food chain and ending up in the seafood on our plates…. Read more »

Help Protect Our Animals Post Brexit!

Animals are Sentient Beings

On Wednesday 15th November, MPs in the House of Commons voted against preserving the recognition of animals as sentient beings (i.e. lifeforms that are able to perceive or feel things) in British law after we leave the EU. This comes, despite an earlier promise from Michael Gove, (the Environment Secretary) to protect the legal recognition… Read more »