Month: September 2017

Shiny Pokémon in Paris

Not content with our spoils from the Pokémon GO Heritage festival in Chester earlier this Summer, last weekend we travelled all the way to Paris to attend the Pokémon GO Safari Zone event with over 4,000 fellow Pokémon enthusiasts. It was a great opportunity to see the sights of Paris while looking for rare Pokémon… Read more »

Can the Cull and Save our Badgers!

Badger Cull 2017

This year, a further 33,500 badgers are to be killed in the UK despite assessments from an Independent Expert Panel (IEP) that the culls are “ineffective and inhumane”. The British Government has spent a total of £50 million pounds of public money on the culls to date, and they are set to continue throughout Wiltshire,… Read more »

The oldest exercise is today’s modern medicine

Walking modern medicine

There’s been lots of worrying stuff in the news this week about more and more of us doing less and less exercise. Well, one of the things you can easily do to get up and away from the glare of that computer screen is to step outside and go for a walk. Apart from making… Read more »