Month: August 2017

Plantlife’s Road Verge Campaign – Summer 2017 Update

Plantlife Road Verge Campaign

Since 2012, Plantlife have been campaigning for local councils to adopt their guidelines for better management of road verges to help protect and preserve the wild flowers and wildlife that flourish alongside thousands of miles of roads all over the UK. This summer, they renewed their campaign efforts with further promotion online and through various… Read more »

Chester Heritage Pokémon GO Festival

Chester Heritage Pokemon GO Festival

Hot off the heels of our holiday in Tenerife, the blister-inducing exploration and pokémon hunting didn’t stop there. Last weekend, we travelled up north to the beautiful city of Chester for the Big Heritage Pokémon GO festival… As well as a great opportunity to meet lots of friendly like-minded players and catch hundreds of pokémon, the… Read more »